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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I was recently sent a HuffPo link on an ancient, extinct brewing method:  Stein Brewing.

Apparently, as legend has it, brewers of old had no way to consistently keep a beer at the hour-long rolling boil that is necessary for brewing beer the right way; fire and coals would boil water, but not hundreds of gallons at a time and not for an hour.  A solution?  Throw glowing red-hot rocks into the water as it went along.  As soon as the rolling boil slowed, you chuck a few more in there.  Of course, we can do all sorts of fancy boiling with our gas-powered stoves these days, but the prospect of achieving a rolling boil by adding a regular supply of glowingly-hot rocks to your 500-gallon boiler is just too fun not to try.

Enter Six Point Craft Ales in Brooklyn, NY.  They heard about this style and wanted to try it.  There was only one remaining problem; as the guys from Six Point put: The only problem was Shane and David had no idea how to pull this off, as there was no manual on how to properly make a stein beer. This style of beer had been defunct for several centuries, and there was no written record on how stein beers were actually made.

Their solution was elegant:

Sixpoint Craft Ales : The Making of Dr. Klankenstein from Aaron Ekroth on Vimeo.

I must have some of this beer.


Bob 2:37 PM  

Hey, lets have a party and drink beer, brew beer and throw a bunch of heavy, red-hot rocks into boiling liquid.

Naw - nothing bad could happen there.

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