Vote, Or I Will Own Your Mind

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

But seeing as I am Cthulhu, I already do. So go vote, for toady is your silly Primary election. Vote for your "leaders" whom I already own to do my bidding.

Think I'm kidding? Look about you. Conservative talk radio. The Tea Party movement. Pelosi and Reid. Tell me I haven't already won.

Of course I have. I am Cthulhu. Go about your fun little Democracy. I'll be back in time for dessert....made of your souls.

Vote DESPAIR in 2010...


Rickey Henderson 3:29 PM  

Rickey, a longtime Cthulhu advocate, heartily approves of this post.

steves 5:19 PM  

I thought Cthulu was supposed to be more subtle, behind the scenes. Besides the primary elections, there was a library millage renewal and several judicial elections.

Rickey Henderson 9:04 PM  

Subtle? Since when are inter-dimensional octopi hellbent on the destruction of mankind considered subtle? Foolish mortal! With Cthulhu, what you see is what you get: unspeakable horror beyond your ability to comprehend! (in fact Rickey's pretty sure that's his campaign slogan).

Monk-in-Training 5:06 AM  

Greetings guys, I am back from the monastery and here I find Cthulhu waiting for me! Or was it just Palin?

Hard to know which one to despair more about....

Anonymous,  8:22 AM  

If only I had checked AtK sooner...I would have remembered to vote....Instead I will offer one child to the Old Ones, but I am ok with that...I have four here, and we've been saving one just for such a situation.

I think I hear the Hounds of Tindalos barking at my door. Gotta go.

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