Early Exit Polls

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We just received the first batch of exit polls from Pennsylvania. They don't tell us much about the voting, but they give us a helpful insight at the electorate of the Keystone State:

63% believe that Rocky was a real boxer.
77% of those individuals still harbor a grudge against the Russians for killing Apollo Creed.

48% say "F*ckin' Eagles!!!!"
49% say "F*ck the Eagles. Go Steelers!!!"
2% support the Buffalo Bills. No one knows why.

83% don't know why Harrisburg is the State Capitol (nationwide, that number is 98%).

21% can refer to "Beaver Stadium" (Penn State's football stadium) without giggling.

96% think that Pennsylvania could TOTALLY whoop Ohio's ass. And who are you looking at, Maryland?


Rickey Henderson 3:45 PM  

Harrisburg is the state capital?Harrisburg?

What, was Otisville too prestigious?

Sopor 9:05 PM  
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Sopor 9:07 PM  

Now I'm not one for taking things in context... But, yea, we could "obliterate" Iran. We could also fairly effectively obliterate all life on this planet if we put our mind to it.

So, is this REALLY something a Presidential Candidate should be telling the world? Don't fuck with our allies or we'll obliterate you? Is this really what we need as a Country? Somebody to start picking fights* before they're even a final candidate for our Presidency?!?

*It's not really right of me to say that, I know this is a fight that goes much further back than one careless candidates comments... but I still think those comments are unwarranted!

Am I overreacting?

(Sorry, I used a double negative without realizing it, then I couldn't figure out how to edit my comment...)

Mike 5:49 AM  

Harrisburg is named after Franco.

Everyone knows that, even the Iggles fans.

* * *

Very funny post.

Joel 9:01 AM  

Beaver Stadium... *snicker*... BEAV-er...

I wonder if, when Penn State students are getting ready to attend a game, they tell their friends that they're "heading down to the Beav..."

'cause, I'd say that ALL the time.

Jay 2:04 PM  

dammit Joel, you had to draw me out of creepy lurker mode. I LIKE creepy lurker mode.

As a Penn Stater, I can say that no, we (well, they, I stopped going to football games after freshman year) never mentioned heading down (or up, it's on a big hill) to the Beav. Mostly, it was "man, I am so wasted...where are we going? Oh, yeah. Don't forget the marshmallows..." Penn State football fans are not quite as creative as UMers, I'm guessing. Notre Dame, chew toy...

Don't get me started on the marshmallows.

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