Video of the Week (But Not Every Week) #10

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The History of the World Before Beer

We all knew there was a reason man created beer: the water tasted terrible. We just didn’t know how long ago it was that “man” realized the need for beer.


Smitty 3:31 PM  

Very, very well-conceived commercial. Evolution happened because we hated the taste of regular water.

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 4:22 PM  

And, most importantly, the video ended two days of no posts.

Pete 4:50 PM  

Nice! Anyone know what version of the song that is? None of the hits for "rhythm of life sweet charity" on Amazon's MP3s really sound like it a new remix or something?

Sopor 6:35 AM  

Don't know where to find it Pete, but you're not the only looking for it!

Perhaps this was commissioned for the commercial?

Sopor 6:36 AM  

Darnit, I always forget that I need to format my damned links!

That one should work...

B Mac 9:26 AM  

I challenge anyone who doubts the existence of evolution to watch this video.

Even Jerry Falwell would have seen this and said, "okay, I guess that makes sense now"

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