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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Around the Keg contributor Sopor has moved his lovely brown ale into a keg. We are very proud.

But Sopor has an issue. He needs a mock-on-Prohibition-related name.

The comments section is open. Name that beer.


B Mac 9:00 AM  

A couple of quick thoughts:

~"Suck-it-Carrie-Nation Brown Ale"
~"Best Damn Pet Shop in Town Brown Ale" OR "Death by Catapult Brown Ale" (hopefully athe Simpsons fans recognize the references)
~ "Teetotaling Bastard Brown Ale"

Smitty 3:00 PM  

--Eliot Ness's Bane Brown Ale

Rickey Henderson 3:30 PM  

This has long been one of Rickey's dreams: to name a beer. Sure you could always go with something badass like "Dreadnaught" or "Behemoth" but you'd be overlooking some serious comedic potential. Rickey's suggestions:

1) Misty Waters
2) Insane Ewok Porter
3) Satan's Cranky Shitszu Russian Imperial Stout
4) Hoptimus Prime (sadly, that one is taken)

Sopor 6:52 AM  

See... Sopor doesn't have a creative bone in his body. It is often joked that he has two left brains fused together. And dammit Rickey, you've rubbed off on Sopor...

Y'know Smitty, I've never considered how Ironic it is that Great Lakes Brewing Company has a beer named after Ness, but apparently he used to hang out there after Prohibition was repealed...

Thanks for the help guys, I'm thinking something close to "Suck-it-Carrie-Nation" or even "Carrie-Nation Killer, 'cuz ya know my beer is SO good it would convert any hatchet wielding temperance preaching Bit... I mean person! =)

George 12:12 PM  

Carrie-On-My-Wayward-Nation Ale!

Mike 6:10 AM  

1933 Ale

Brown Spot Brown Ale (as in the year a "brown spot" was removed, but I can see why this could be objectionable)

21st Amendment Ale


Sopor 7:55 AM  

Wow. Mike just inspired me...


Why in the hell did I not think of that before?

That's what it is! Repale: An assertively roasty but low alcohol Brown Ale brewed to commemorate the return of Beer to America!

Mike 5:56 AM  

low alcohol

Oh no! I've inspired the name of a low-alcohol beer??

The shame.

Sopor 2:13 PM  

Well if it makes you feel any better Mike, it actually weighs in @ a respectable 4.7% abv. It was supposed to be more like 5.5%...

So it's low, but not in a ridiculous way =)

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