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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

To me, "South Bend" sounds like a tawdry sexual position. Kind of a bend-over-and-grab-your-ankles kind of position, don't you think? In fact, every time I hear South Bend, I chuckle to myself thinking about sweaty, rear-entry sex.

It is with that in mind that I wish to throw jeers and shame, with a small interjection of congratulations, to Around the Keg blogger B Mac on his acceptance to Notre Dame's fifth-rate law school.

The nice thing about the crazy cyber age we live in is that B Mac will continue to be able to post on this blog. And by all means, he'll have even more time to do so as I heard you don't really have to be able to read to get into this particular law school. We will of course still allow his wit and wisdom here because, though he is selling his soul to go to an unspeakable school, I can personally attest to B Mac's ability to drink. And that counts for a lot here on Around the Keg.

Congratulations, B Mac, on achieving the beginning of the end. While East Lansing bars may notice a decline in profit, we're still going to be damn glad to know you.

Even if you are going to Notre Fucking dame.


B Mac 10:39 AM  

Yes, the rumors are true. I am leaving the Greater Lansing Area for Notre Dame (which, for those of you who don't speak latin, translates roughly to "Michigan's Chew-toy"). The good news is that I can continue to contribute to the conversation here at ATK. I could never escape the Brewing Extravaganza.

Abyss, here I come!

Rickey Henderson 3:17 PM  

Rickey wishes you the best of luck buddy. The world sorely needs another Lionel Hutz.

Sopor 6:20 PM  

Good Luck B Mac, Don't matter where you're going to school, Law School ain't nothing to shake a stick at.

Not to hijack the thread, but on the lines of Brewing Extravaganza, are there any other homebrewers here besides Smitty and me? A conversation Smitty and I had the other day made me think we should have our own ATK Brewing Extravaganza for real.

Mike 6:29 AM  

Let me welcome B Mac to the early stages of the wonderful world of law. Please sign on the dotted line.

(We'll never give you your soul back.)

I hope you like long hours, outrageous bosses, and derision from all your former friends and colleagues.

Other than that, it's a helluva career.

In all seriousness, I loved law school. Intellectually, it's great. And because it's professional school, it avoids a lot of the wonkery and pretension of standard lib arts grad schoolery.

And I can honestly say after 6 or 7 years of wandering the desert, I like my job. Grueling hours, but the rewards (and I'm not talking about the monetary ones) are worth it.

Good luck man.

Joel 2:04 PM  

I tried to warn you, but you just wouldn't listen. Now, not only are you going to become one of us, one of the unspeakable, but your going to obtain this status in South Bendover? WOW. So much wrong with that. Still, it could be worse, you could have gone to Michigan State, er DCL, er DCL/MSU, or whatever they call it now.

But never-the-less, I wish you luck. Law school was fun, mostly because they just THREW loan money at you. Of course, now that I'm 8 years into paying those 30 year loans back, I wish I would have drank less in school and maybe saved myself a few grand at 5.25% interest. Sounds like a good deal, until, after 96 months of $600 payments your principal has gone down by less than $30.

Joel 2:05 PM  

But I'm not bitter...

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 4:34 PM  




Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

Good for you, I am jealous of the brains that got you into a school like that. Good luck. Michigan will miss you....
(especially when I need a favor in the vets committee.)

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