Pennsylvania Drinking Game

Monday, April 21, 2008

It's been far too long since the last primary. So, in honor of our return to the political morass, I present you the Pennsylvania Primary Drinking Game:

Take One Drink whenever:
~ Wolf Blitzer mentions the "Best Political Team on Television"
~ Anyone mentions "Change" or a "Change Election".
~ Anyone mentions "Superdelegates" (Two drinks if they shorten it to "the Supers")
~ Anyone utters the phrase "She needs to win big tonight"

Take Two Drinks whenever:
~ Chuck Todd or any other commentator draws on a map of Pennsylvania with the John Madden-style Telestrator, and tells us where Candidate X needs to get his/her votes.
~ Someone mentions a "Brokered Convention." Double it if the person speaking is a Republican trying not to giggle with glee at the idea.
~ A commentator does the "delegate math"

Take One Drink of an IPA or ESB whenever anyone mentions Obama's "Bitter" comments.

Shotgun a beer every time someone mentions gun owners.

Take a drink with your pinkie finger extended any time someone mentions "elitism".

Take a shot and drink a beer whenever anyone mentions Hillary taking a shot and drinking a beer, or the network shows footage thereof:

So... I'm looking for two things. First, I want any suggested additions to the drinking game. And second, I want predictions on tomorrow's results. Closest to the mark wins a prize*.

*Prize not real.


B Mac 11:03 AM  

My prediction for tomorrow:

Hillary wins by 6 point, 53-47. Both sides declare victory.

Sopor 11:11 AM  

So when do we start? I'm on lunch, so maybe I'll start now! Turning on MSNBC...




Ok, in about three minutes, I've got two for "Change", at least three for "Superdelegates". Make that four. Does saying Hillary needs a "Decisive double-didgit victory" count as "win big"? There's another...

I don't have much in the way of predictions... but I can tell you if I have to drink more than this tonight, again tomorrow at lunch, and tomorrow night... I'm gonna die!!

Smitty 2:37 PM  

51 - 49. Obama lets it roll off of his back, walks up to the microphone, posts a total delagate count, and says "scoreboard."

Hillary calls her victory a "mandate."

I would only add that you need to take a drink every time McCain smirks when asked about what he thinks of the Dems' primary.

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 3:23 PM  

Nice post B Mac.

My only addition is I will drink an entire 40 of Mickey's if Hillary drops out tomorrow.*

*I am not worried.

steves 6:17 PM  

My only addition is I will drink an entire 40 of Mickey's if Hillary drops out tomorrow.

I'll top that. I'll drink a 40 of Colt .45 or Olde English. ; (

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 7:58 AM  

Isn't Olde English a wood polish?

Oh wait, that's Old English, without the "e".

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