Birthday Times Two!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I am thrilled to announce today, April 30, 2008:
Jacob Samuel Smith
6 pounds, 11 ounces

Dominic Steven Smith
7 pounds, 9 ounces.

Mrs. Smitty came out of the c-section just fine, and the twins have each already had a second feeding and are eating like crazy.

We get to stay in lovely Sparrow Hospital until the weekend, when we converge on our home in a testosterone-laden heap of man-flesh.

According to Smitty Jr., the jury is still out on his level of capitvation with his new brothers, but he is showing early signs of coming around. I hink he's proud and joyful, just too "cool" to show it.


George 2:56 PM  

Best to everyone involved! Congrats!

Rickey Henderson 3:35 PM  

Congratulations to the entire clan Smitty! Rickey shall perform two keg stands in your honor this evening!

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 4:24 PM  


You even had time to post and tell us all....sniff, sniff, it's like we are family.

I was hoping for "Titus" and "Zebediah", but I guess we will refer to them by the names their parents gave them.

Good to hear the entire clan is doing well, especially the one who did the work: Mrs. Smitty.

When can we buy her a beer?

steves 4:39 PM  

Congratulations! Any pictures?

Cara 7:32 PM  

Congratulations! Jacob and Dominic are beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Sopor 6:41 AM  

Congrats! Glad to hear everything is going well!

You know, if Smitty Jr's only problem with them is being to "cool" (an manly of course) to show anything you're in good shape. My older brothers very first comment to me was "I wanted a sister" and then he stormed out of the delivery room. Pretty much set the tone for the whole relationship for the next 16 years... ;-)

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 6:53 AM  

My sister, who is four years older than I, clearly expected a more active younger brother on the day I was born. When I came home she looked at me and said:

"He's kinda dumb ain't he?"

Sopor 2:11 PM  

I wonder if it has something to do with the 4 year gap, my brother is also 4 years older than me...

Dufner 8:32 PM  

You already know this....Hell, yeah,Smith's! THe boys are beautiful! COngrats and if you need anything...More pulled pork, we have a boat load of it. WE all love you both.

Mike 6:51 AM  

Congrats Smitty.

And my best to the Missus.

Otto Man 10:28 AM  

Congrats! Excellent news.

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