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Monday, October 20, 2008

My favorite part is at the end when he says "You know, you've really got to work hard to violate Governor Palin's standards on negative campaigning."

For some perspective, here's where Obama is coming from in that statement (from WaPo). A snippet:

GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin last night criticized the automated calls the Republican National Committee and her own campaign have put out linking Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama to former Weather Underground member William Ayers, even though she did not call for a halt to the controversial practice.

"If I called all the shots, and if I could wave a magic wand," Palin told her traveling press corps as she stood on the tarmac here, "I would be sitting at a kitchen table with more and more Americans, talking to them about our plan to get the economy back on track and winning the war and not having to rely on the old conventional ways of campaigning that includes those robocalls and includes spending so much money on the television ads that, I think, is kind of draining out there in terms of Americans' attention span."
Now certainly I know that Palin is being critical of Obama's massive TV ad purchases, the infusion of boatloads of cash into Obama's campaign in September, and this massive half-hour block of airtime Obama purchased for next week. What makes it hysterical is hypocritical shit like this and this too, which hilariously stars Palin herself. recorded after, you know, her comments above.


Looks like Cole beat me to it.


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