Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

As Bob pointed out on another friendly blog, and are already-purchased domain names. This, of course, sets the stage for her run at the seat in 2012.

However, we saw this site was taken as well, and you really should check it out, if you have the stomach for it. Ladies and gentlemen, Palin As President.


B Mac 3:25 PM  

Insulting? Maybe.

Hilarious? Definitely.

Frighteningly accurate? Sorry to say... but yeah.

Bob 4:50 PM  

That is hilarious.

If you haven't clicked on the rooms various features, please do so. I recomend clicking on the window shades and the red phone.

steves 7:45 PM  

Not surprising, but I think it kind of stupid.

Bob 10:07 PM  


You sir are no longer the contrarian.

You are now known as the curmudgeon.

Karma Shuford 10:36 PM  

One of the domains is registered to a Jay Griffin in AK (who actually owns several palin/president type domain names), and another to someone in WA.

While it is certainly possible that she might remotely be considering a run at the WH, it could also be that someone has bought a few domain names, "just in case," and is hoping to make some money on them.

If memory serves correctly, several years ago, there was a huge hullabaloo because someone had enough foresight to buy domains such as, hillary08, etc. They then asked for an exorbitant amount of money to transfer the name of the domain to someone else.,, and several others have already been purchased, but there may be a couple of others available (palin2020, and are already sold) if you want to buy them now and "maintain" ownership for a few years. ;)

(hillary2012 and are also already sold)

So, my point? Well, it could mean she is planning ahead, but I'm seriously doubting it. A domain being created and "owned" is not really indicative of anything other than someone has a few extra dollars they want to spend each year on a url.

Bob 10:54 PM  

"A domain being created and "owned" is not really indicative of anything other than someone has a few extra dollars they want to spend each year on a url.

Actually, I made the same comment over at Mr. Furious
, which is what Smitty was referring to. I thought it was interesting, but it may just be cyber squatters or just the campaigns buying up everything that could be turned into a spoof site.

steves 6:25 AM  

Karma, I wondered the same thing.

I love political humor. As a kid, I watched Not Necessarily the News on HBO and some other guy that sand political songs at a big grand piano (Mark ?). Some of the Palin stuff is very funny, but most I just can't get into. It just seems mean.

I prefer Curmudgeon in training...excuse me while I go yell at the kids on my lawn.

yasmeen 12:33 AM  
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