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Friday, October 03, 2008

I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t make the Obama rally yesterday in my hometown of East Lansing, MI, but today my day got brighter.

Earlier this year a co-worker, who went to Denver, brought me back, an official limited edition, (Number 9 of 100) Democratic National Convention Poster, signed by the artists. Yesterday, another friend took it with him to the Obama rally and returned it with the signature of none other than the man himself, the next President of the United States, Senator Barack Obama.

The shot above isn’t great, but it’s proof.


Smitty 1:32 PM  

Frame it!

Bob 1:33 PM  

Oh yes, it will be framed with acid-free mats and UV protected glass.

Mr Furious 3:26 PM  

Get your ass down to Ypsilanti for the rally with Obama and Springsteen!

Bob 3:40 PM  

"Get your ass down to Ypsilanti for the rally with Obama and Springsteen!"

Uh, I just got a call about that event too. A firend is a lobbyist for Eastern Michigan and has tickets for a VIP reception and the concert. I think it's just Bruce, I don't think Obama will be there.

I am going.

B Mac 5:23 PM  

Damnit, I miss lobbyists

teh l4m3 1:26 PM  

Still, my favorite piece of memorabilia was the T-Shirt they were selling in the Castro here in SF: "Once You Go Barack, You Never Go Back."

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