Michigan State 35, Michigan 21

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The last time MSU beat Michigan in Ann Arbor, I was an undergrad.  1990 is a long wait.  


Smitty 9:19 AM  

I was lucky enough to be at the game. Row A (front row), South Endzone, right above the "G" in "Michigan."

The Big House was louder than I have ever heard it. It was wonderful. And I will be hoarse for a week.

B Mac 12:10 PM  

Part of the noise was the result of the new superstructure. For those of you who haven't seen it, Michigan statium is doing some serious renovations (i.e. adding a huge bank of luxury boxes, etc. on each long side of the stadium).

When they finish it, and when Michigan doesn't suck any more, I think the Big House could finally be loud.

(Also, I was at the game as well; 30 yard line, East side, row 23. And I am saddened, though not surprised).

Andy 3:48 PM  

Good game from Ringer. He will get Heisman consideration.

Terrible game for M defense. Lots of breaks went our way, but still couldn't hold it at the end. Oh well...let all the losses come this year. New and better personnel next year, I hope.

Hope you enjoyed the game. Seats are great!

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