McCain Campaign to Hit the "Reset Button"

Monday, October 13, 2008

According to my sources (okay..., McCain is planning a speech today in which he 're-launches' his campaign. Apparently this is an attempt to get away from the ugliness of the last couple of weeks (both in terms of rhetoric and his poll numbers).

So, the question for this Monday morning is: what should be his new slogan?

I vote for "Americanity Now"


Smitty 1:09 PM  

He can hit the reset button all he wants...what's done is done. Now all of a sudden, after a weekend of getting nailed by the MSM (finally) about his and his running mate's shoddy conduct...NOW he wants to get all nice and collegial?


Bob 9:06 PM  

Have you Googled Americanity? Its a term used by a lot of people.

Sopor 9:20 PM  

I know, I was upset when I saw that Bob, and it does not have the meaning I certainly was hoping it did...

Christian 9:31 PM  

McCain / Palin 2008: Laurel and Hardy ain't got nothing on us.

B Mac 10:34 PM  

For the record, I suggest that the following would NOT make an effective slogan...

Bob 10:40 PM  

Since B Mac is HTML challenged, here is his link.

Laura,  10:43 PM  

Is there a baby-murdering Muslim running for Prez? What party? Independent?

B Mac 11:00 PM  

HTML challenged, eh?

I mean, "Thanks Bob... I've been drinking a bit, and my code skills are not what they used to be"... :)

And yes, I believe the Anti-Baby-Murdering-Muslim party is on the ballot in Ohio. Right between the Bull Moose party and the Prohibition party

Bob 11:03 PM  

HTML challenged, eh?

I thought that was Smitty's kid for a second.

B Mac 8:15 AM  

If Smitty Jr. doesn't know how to do that yet, I'll be sad.

Hell, I figured the Lil' Smittys would be flipping the bird by now

Smitty 3:14 PM  

I thought that was Smitty's kid for a second

At first glance, he totally looked like Smitty Jr.

If Smitty Jr. doesn't know how to do that yet, I'll be sad

Oh...he knows. I am not proud. However, he has an amazing left jab and a vicious right hook. And can hip-check if your, say, crotch is too close to the corner of the couch.

Rickey Henderson 7:41 AM  

McCain 2.0: Now with 13% less Schaedenfreude!

Bob 9:11 AM  

I think were are closer to McCain 7.2.

-There was young man, playboy McCain, pre POW.
-There was post POW playboy McCain
-There was pre-Keating 5 McCain
-There was post Keating 5, refomer McCain.
-There was the 2008, pre Palin McCain,
-There was the 2008, post Palin, Bush-lite McCain.
-Now there is the soft, return to 2000, lets just ignore the past few months and that Sarah girl, McCain.

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