McCain Giving Up on Michigan?

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Jonathan Martin over at Politico is reporting that McCain is pulling out of Michigan.

This could be the beginning of targeting that draws resources to states still in play and may also mean that McCain is running short on cash.


Smitty 1:43 PM  


Well if he's gonna pull out of MI, then I'm not voting for him.


George 1:50 PM  

Pulling out? Doesn't sound manly to me.

Bob 1:50 PM  

Detroit News is backing it up:

Sopor 1:51 PM  

Pulling out is NOT an effective form of...


Oh, never mind...

B Mac 3:39 PM  

The trick is knowing WHEN to pull out... of a state.

Pull out too early, and you can waste the work you've done.

Pull out too late, and you can be left in a tough spot.

Either way, McCain's left himself with a sticky situation...

Bob 6:45 PM  

Pull out too soon and the state and candidate will be left unsatisfied. Pull out too late and you blow your whole wad on a state that gives nothing in return.

When it comes to're fucked no matter what.

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