Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Went to Jimmy John's for lunch. Saw this sign. Laughed. Still don't know what it means. Laughed anyway.I think it means "Please sit in pee." Not "and," but "in."

Any German speakers out there who can translate properly? Or BD/SM enthusiasts?


Bob 3:57 PM  

I read a little German.

It says:

"Piss on John McCain from a seated position."

Pete 6:34 PM  

Google Translate agrees with you: "Please sit in pee"|en|Bitte%20im%20Sitzen%20pinkeln

Rickey Henderson 7:00 AM  

Ms Henderson speaks ze Deuthsch so Rickey will have to defer to her on this one. The Germans are a strange yet industrious peoples.

Mike 7:20 AM  

"Piss on John McCain from a seated position."


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