Presidential Debate 3.0

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well, the final of three Presidential debates happened tonight. What's your take?

If you were to ask me, I'd say McCain would be doing better today in the polls if he had a long-term message similar to tonight's themes. He'd also have less of a climb had he performed similarly in the previous two debates.

Your take after the jump.


steves 6:30 AM  

I wasn't glued to this debate, but I thought McCain did very well. He stayed on point and did a decent job of articulating a coherent message. If he had done this earlier, it may be closer, but I think it is probably too late. In the past, when the economy was in the crapper, the opposition party has almost always one the election. I am not saying Obama wouldn't have won, but I think it is one factor that is really helping him.

I thought Obama did somewhat poorly in that debate. He smirked a bunch of times and rolled his eyes. I am glad he did this now, as opposed to doing it when he was behind.

B Mac 7:16 AM  

Obama won. The election.

Smitty 8:11 AM  

My take was that McCain gave Obama opportunities to answer many of his criticisms one by one. Bring up Ayers? Let's put it to bed...again.

His attacks were rude and played even more into the angry old man routine.

Bob 8:24 AM  
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Bob 8:26 AM  

I think the whole Joe the Plumber thing was great for McCain.

This is the best way to counteract Obama saying that the middle class gets a tax cut. Nearly everyone, regardless of income thinks they are middle class, but now everyone has someone to relate to who seems to be getting their taxes increased. This guy is named Joe and he's an ordinary plumber.

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