***Prediction Time***

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We're one week away from Election Day. Get-out-the-vote efforts are kicking into gear. Poll workers are preparing their 87-year-old bodies for the masses of humanity. Florida is praying that they don't f*** things up again. And Ohio? Well, Ohio still sucks.

I think it's about time for the fine folks of ATK to weigh in. Submit your predictions for the following:

~ Popular vote percentage for Obama/McCain
~ Electoral votes for Obama/McCain (538 total)
~ Net gain in the Senate seats by the Democrats (currently 51 Dems-49 GOP, w/ independents)
~ Net gain in House seats for the Democrats (currently 233 Dems-202 GOP)
~ Three surprises

I recommend RealClearPolitics, Pollster.com, FiveThirtyEight.com, and 270toWin.com (especially for predicting Electoral Vote totals).

Whoever "wins" earns the title of "Chief Political Prognosticator" for the balance of November.

You all seem good at politics. We'll see about the math.


B Mac 10:37 AM  

I'll go first.

~ Obama 53%, McCain 44%
~ Obama 379 EVs, McCain 159
~ Dems +8 Senate seats (59-41)
~ Dems +27 House Seats (260-175)

1. Obama wins Georgia
2. Al Franken wins in MN
3. Obama wins 70% of the Hispanic vote.

Smitty 10:50 AM  

+ Obama 55%, McCain 44
+ Obama 349 EVs, McCain 189
+ Dems add 8 seats in the Senate, 1 less than the filibuster-proof 60 (thanks a LOT, Lieberman, you fuck)
+ Dems add 27 seats in the House

+ Franken wins in MN
+ Obama wins NC despite "straight ticket voting" snafu
+ Obama wins Indiana

Bob 12:37 PM  

-Obama 52.5%, McCain 45.5%, 3rd Party 2%
-Obama 338 EV, McCain 200
-Dems add 7 in Senate
-Dems add 22 in House (This one is a complete, noneducated guess)

Three Surprises:
-A guy with the first name "Barack" gets elected President
-A guy with the middle name "Hussain" gets elected President
-A guy with the last name "Obama" gets elected President

Bob 12:38 PM  

Knock on wood
Knock on wood
Knock on wood

Mike 6:36 AM  

* Obama 50%, McCain 46%
* Obama 329 EVs, McCain 209
* Dems +8 Senate seats (59-41)
* Dems +25 House Seats (258-177)

1. Palin wins at least electroral vote
2. Palin wins the Mississippi Senate seat
3. Palin wins John McCain's Arizona Senate seat

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