Obama takes over the airwaves

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So tonight during prime time, Senator Barack Obama will buy a half-hour of time on eight different networks. From the moment this was announced, I have thought this was a risky move. The guy is ahead, yet he is buying enough time that everyone in America will be forced to watch him, which will even delay the World Series.

The Obama team has been darn smart so far the last two years, but this major move during the last week of the campaign still has me wondering. What do you think? Will the Obama infomercials close the deal, or cut loose some voters?


Smitty 12:45 PM  

Seals the deal. Show of force. Is Presidential; the President breaks into tv shows, doesn't he...

Pete 1:03 PM  

This had made me wonder - has anyone said how much this cost him? It's gobs of millions of dollars for a 30 second spot during the Super Bowl - how much is it for 30 minutes during prime time?

Also, that's a funny graphic as ABC I believe *isn't* airing the infomercial :-)

As for its impact...I'm not sure. Personally I really plan on watching it. I might watch a little of the beginning, but last night's Daily Show is on at the same time! I don't usually watch when Bush breaks into current shows, in fact I was pissed when he interrupted my start times back when the "economic crisis" thing was unfolding. It screwed up my DVR for one thing.

Seriously, though, I don't really know what to expect, and maybe that's part of it. Is it a half-hour lecture? A half-hour campaign speech? A variety show?

The way I see it McCain supporters won't bother watching it. Obama supporters are already in their own camp. And it'll probably piss off a handful of undecideds who are getting their TeeVee pushed back. The World Series? Does anyone even care about baseball anymore?

Smitty 1:38 PM  

how much is it for 30 minutes during prime time?

NPR reported this morning that it was $1,000,000 per network.

Bob 4:02 PM  

I think ABC is included. Og the big four, I think Fox was the last holdout. That said, the graphic is stock.

One of these days ATK will have its own graphics department.

Rickey Henderson 7:21 AM  

Rickey's remembers reading something about ABC refusing to bump "Pushing Daises" for the Obama ad. Yes, "Pushing Daisies," which Rickey suspects is the code name for the McCain campaign.

steves 9:59 AM  

So, what was it like? I played board games last night and wasn't really interested in watching a really long ad. There has been no shortage of the candidates doing this kind of stuff and I am tired of it.

Besides, I already voted absentee.

Bob 3:48 PM  

"So, what was it like?"

It was better than an ad, but I am a political geek, so me liking it isn't a good indicator of its quality. I thought it might backfire on him, but overall it was well-enough made that it shouldn't.

I still wonder how many undecideds tuned in.

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